ZWEIZZ & JOEY HOPKINS - Zweizz & Joey Hopkins LP

ZWEIZZ & JOEY HOPKINS - Zweizz & Joey Hopkins LP

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Zweizz and Joey Hopkins is already over. It used to be the cooperation project of two musicians on different sides of the Atlantic, and their eponymous debut album is also their final. Joseph Daniel Hopkins was an immensely talented and hard working musician whom many expected to have a great career in music when he died in 2008, only 26 years old. He had made a solid name for himself in the underground through his project Joey Hopkins' Midget Factory as well as numerous others.  Zweizz is the current pseudonym of Svein Egil Hatlevik. His musical career spans two decades and began with the experimental black metal band Fleurety. He has since then been the synthesizer player of another black metal band known for their unorthodox mode of expression - DHG (Dødheimsgard) - as well as being the vocalist of the black metal band Umoral and for making sinister soundscapes through constellations like Pronounced "SEX" and Aphrodisiac. 

Jester / Neuropa 2011

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