ZIFIR - Demoniac Ethics LP

ZIFIR - Demoniac Ethics LP

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Istanbul-based black metal trio, ZİFİR strike back with Demoniac Ethics. Their second release for Duplicate (and fourth in total), it ups the ante on 2017's Kingdom of Nothingness, with the aggressive parts growing harsher and the atmospheric elements ever expanding. Demoniac Ethics shows religion though a twisted kaleidoscope, exposing the imprisoning religious dogma and tyranny that has occurred throughout history - and does to this day. Whereas Kingdom Of Nothingness was a harrowing glimpse into the world of ZİFİR, Demoniac Ethics takes you right into the innermost sanctum of their anti-religious agenda, while delivering one of the strongest and most forward-thinking black metal releases of late.
ZİFİR was founded by O.Ö and O.S. in 2006. They released their debut album, You Must Come With Us, in 2007. This debut album reflected the concept of ZİFİR's black metal vision, and the whole content supports this vision with all its instruments, where everything - recording, mix, mastering, and artwork - was DIY and done by the band. By December 2007, Nursuz joined ZİFİR on drums, and the trio started working on a new album with their new lineup. The recording was finally completed by 2010, and the band signed with Dunkelkunst Productions for the upcoming album. Titled Protest Against Humanity, ZİFİR's second album was released in 2011. After the album, O.S. quit the band.
Come 2012, ZİFİR released a split CD with Belgium's Cult of Erinyes. After the split CD release, ZİFİR worked on songwriting between 2012 and 2016 for their third album. It was December 2016 when the band finished its recording and signed a deal with Duplicate Records. Finally, in September 2017, Kingdom of Nothingness was released by Duplicate on CD and vinyl LP formats, with the cover artwork created by Russian artist Vergvoktre.
By November 2018, Ilgar joined the band on bass guitar, and ZİFİR has become a trio once again. After a recording session between 2018 and 2019, ZİFİR announced their fourth full-length, Demoniac Ethics, which is scheduled to be released on January 24th, 2020 via Duplicate Records. With stark 'n' haunting cover art created again Vergvoktre, ZİFİR here have truly hit their apex in terms of fullness of vision and foulness of execution, its intensity always simmering with haunting tension. One could say Demoniac Ethics is ceremonial, given its ominously hovering aspect, but within this ghostly atmosphere lay razors forever circling one's flesh. Suitably, form fits concept, as a cursory read of the album's component song titles salaciously suggest: "Chaos Clouds," "Empire of Worms," "Chants for Execution," and the telltale "Insects as Messengers," among others. Behold the fullness & foulness of ZİFİR's coming with Demoniac Ethics!

Ltd. to 200 copies on black vinyl. Printed inner sleeve in reverse print outer sleeve.

Duplicate Records 2020

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