WITTE WIEVEN - Dwaallicht LP

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Witte Wieven's debut album, Dwaallicht. Both a summation and extension of their prior short-lengths, the six-song/42-minute Dwaallicht lays bare a stark-yet-sumptuous canvas of shimmering black metal and delirious doom, threaded together with the subtly unfolding dynamics of the best post-rock. It's at once an incredibly physical experience and one that's ghostly and atmospheric, its ripples of shadowy sound revealing everything and nothing simultaneously; one must possess the fortitude to peer deeply into their abyss to see the full fathom of emotions and sensations lurking down there. One minute compared to the other might suggest combative contrasts, but each minute is as crucial as the last as well as the next: with songs at their briefest being five minutes and stretching all the way to ten, the journey itself is arguably more important then the destination. Put another way, Witte Wieven are like the beings that lurk in the mist - a pretty sight, but with a tempting, dangerous darkness. And Dwaallicht's landscape seemingly stretches infinitely...

Limited edition LP, 125 copies on moss green vinyl. UV spot logo finish.

Babylon Doom Cult 2023

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