WITCHES HAMMER - Devourer Of The Dead LP

WITCHES HAMMER - Devourer Of The Dead LP

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Canadian Speed Metal legends WITCHES HAMMER are back with their 2nd album, Devourer Of The Dead! Howling winds begin the blasphemous journey before crushing guitars road into life with cymbals, in true epic Heavy Metal fashion. Building a bestial tension, ready to be unbridled, the masterfully tense songwriting hits instantly before throwing you into an onslaught of pure thrashing hellfire. Blasting drums and gnarly bass back up a vicious reign of razor-sharp riffing which hits all of the diabolical pinnacles of Extreme Metal for the vocalists rabid roar to spew profanity upon. This is real fury, pure untamed Metal with a timelessly feral sound that cannot be stopped. A bombastic avalanche of pure unholy might ensures this record is nothing short of high-octane, skin-blistering savagery of triumphant, evil proportions. After keeping fans waiting from ’84 to 2020 for their debut full length, this fast follow-up has not lost any quality since its predecessor, in fact continuing mercilessly in the vein that made the debut so damned killer. - Nattskog

Marbled vinyl with insert.

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