VERMETH - Suicide Or Be Killed! CD

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Black Legion Metal - Chris Moyen cover art! Seven years after…A new obscurity arises from Lord Belth's Rim's satanic mind. What to expect ? Nothing more than a new manifestation of the Black Legions anti-human spirit, still the same after all these years. After a short horrific and ritualistic intro,you go back in time. In time when Black-Metal was a horrible manifestation of Evil. When Black-Metal wasn't for everyone's ears.When it was hated by most people. Like in 1990. Or better, in 1985. It's no surprise that one of these years' trademark album : BATHORY's The Return, has left its mark on VERMETH's current work. Think of more thrashy, dynamic songs that reek evilness on each note. Open your ears on the opening track or « Malediction » for example ! Or the solo on « Necromancer » that sounds like those on the timeless Under The Sign Of The Black Mark. However, improved compositions and playing – a real drummer is present now, don't make these songs an easy and joyful listening. Nor is this album another « old-school » album. This album doesn't aim at being original, yet it is unique. Like all Black Legions releases were. The older demons still haunt your nightmares. And VERMETH may turn them into grim reality.

Drakkar Prod. 2008

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