UBUREN - Usurp The Throne CD

UBUREN - Usurp The Throne CD

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Hailing from Stavanger norwegian firestarters UBUREN play harsh black metal with a personal interpretation of viking metal brought together in an endless stream where thoughts and music have melted together and become one indescribable piece.

Uburen has always focused on being a live-band over being a studio band, headlining tours all over the world in countries such as Mexico, England, Germany and Russia. They have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in extreme metal like Enslaved, Einherjer and Harakiri For the Sky. Rigthfully being called one of the best underground live acts in the black metal scene and a force to be reckoned with

After two full length self-released albums they have released "Usurp the Throne" which is a 8-track album spreaded worldwide at the beinning on 2023 on Dusktone label.

Cold and atmospheric, raw and haunting, this brand new opus marks a new highpoint for the band with a journey through eight unhallowed soundscapes, covering classic norwegian Black Metal and primitive Viking Metal and a large dose of obscurity and nordic violence.

Digipack CD.

Dusktone 2023

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