TUSMØRKE vs SPECTRAL HAZE - Elektriske Skrekkøgler og Forhistoriske Framtidsfabler LP

TUSMØRKE vs SPECTRAL HAZE - Elektriske Skrekkøgler og Forhistoriske Framtidsfabler LP

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An exclusive collaboration between two sonically contrasting yet equally mind expanding Norwegian acts. Occult prog minstrels TUSMØRKE and space travelling shamans SPECTRAL HAZE gather in a 41 minute ritual, dealing with the origins of evil, the reptilian DNA in man and the secrets of the universe among other things. The album, whose Norwegian title translates to "Electric Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Future Fables" is available as a gatefold LP and digital download via Duplicate Records.

TUSMØRKE (Twilight) have received much critical acclaim for their two full-length albums and several EPs. They are also notorious for their ever experimenting live acts, usually performing mainly unreleased material, always with their tongues placed firmly in cheek. Their three lengthy tracks on offer here sees them effortlessly balancing between the esoteric, the progressive and the irresistably catchy.
"Reason recedes as primal cunning slithers behind the eyesockets. The riff is taking over your body, taking over your soul. Twitch lacertilian in time with the repetitious reptilian rhythm of antediluvian rituals. Humanity is skin deep. Scratch a man and find a snake, as cold as the sperm of Satan. It is no coincidence that witches turn people into toads, adders and newts; this has been perverted into a curse by Christian dogma, but is in reality a metaphor for the prerequisites for travelling on the road to ancient wisdom. After all, the discoverer of Heaviness himself was a known occultist and went by the name of Newton."
SPECTRAL HAZE have never been shy about their 70s space rock influences, yet on their debut album of 2013 they showed they have a lot more to offer than simply rehashing the past. On Skallen, a near-18 minute riff odyssey, they go full circle back to the origins of man, spanning an entire evolution from bone against skull to electrifying rock.
"The ultimate wisdom will for ever be sealed behind endless symbolism and metaphors. Acquiring the keys to unlock these sealed gates lies within yourself. Ascend through cosmic beat of Spectral vessel. Lost in trance-state of perpetual motion. Simplicity of note-on-note, absorption in sonic space-time. Reveal to us the truth, now! Within your skull which is as vast as the heavens. Riff on sonic alchemic table, delivered from the Higher Haze, sacred Spectral vessel penetrate the darkness of ignorance, layer upon layer, cosmic nod, past wolfskin, past serpentskin, revealing the ultimate light of emptiness!"

Gatefold LP with insert and poster. 

Duplicate Records 2015

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