TRENCH HELL - Southern Cross Ripper MLP

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Initially formed as a side project by Hexx (also in Toxik Holocaust, Nocturnal Graves and Gospel Of The Horns), the Melbourne-based trio became a revered underground phenomenon just on the strength of their debut mini album "Southern Cross Ripper", which was released in 2008 and remains a fixture in every self-respecting Venom and Hellhammer worshipper's record collection. With bassist Kellhammer's Cronos-snarl and many an "ugh!" in the spirit of Tom G. Warrior, these six songs marry the sublime rawness of proto black and thrash metal to early rock 'n' roll's sleazy attitude, resulting in 22 minutes of pure, unpolished aural gold with astoundingly refined guitar leads and inspired solos

Black vinyl, ltd 150, insert, poster

High Roller Records

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