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In a culmination of disease, death and the desire to wash the earth in bloodshed, Stillborn has brewed their destructive brand of blackened death metal majesty for twenty-one years. After releasing numerous demos and five full lengths, Stillborn graces us this year with an EP by the name of Crave For Killing; a five track release that is riddled with nothing but malignancy, malevolence and brutalizing death. From the onset, Stillborn make it known that they are coming for your life and won’t settle for anything less. Right off the bat these heathens barrel forth to provide you with a sickening blackened onslaught that is sure to twist your head and viciously tear your flesh from bone.
From the very first track on Stillborn hits you with blasting track after blasting track never to relent even after your life has been stolen. Stillborn doesn’t waste too much time getting you acclimated to their brand of sickening insanity. They don’t lull you in to a sense of false comfort as that is completely ripped away from you as soon as the first note rings through your speakers. Stillborn begins Crave For Killing off in blasphemous and blistering style and continues on their tempestuous rampage through five tracks never giving you enough time to gasp for air.
Through and through, Crave For Killing is a lacerating and corrosive release that never lets you off the hook once you have begun listening. Each track is played at a blood boiling pace making your head spin and neck sever. Crave For Killing is an all around bestial and savage release that seems to have complete disregard for the listener aiming only to mutilate and spread death wherever it can reach.
This is a terrorizing blood thirsty release that you don’t have much time to prepare for as Stillborn bursts through your speakers with slaughtering intent. From front to back, Crave For Killing is a heavy and ever destructive release that carries on its bloodied path no matter the listener. In the short period of time in which this offering plays, Stillborn offers up some twisted and sickening tunes riddled with malevolent death, what more could you want?

Limited to 222 copies. 140g black single sided 12" vinyl with serigraph on the back side. Gatefold jacket with inside flooded in black.

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