SJODOGG - Vanskapning CD

SJODOGG - Vanskapning CD

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"This pregnant void that soon will spew out all abominations. Fathers to devour their sons, not knowing why they do so. Hear as their rage turns into woeful screams when they realize what they have done. Mothers to strangle their daughters from inside the womb. Drugged by the drumbeats of death, unaware of their horrendous deeds"

Having subsisted underground for 15 years, SJODOGG (now a duo of Espen Slotsvik - guitars/bass and Kjetil Hektoen - vocals/drums) are no newcomers to the scene. After three albums, the avantgarde black metal outfit is poised to unleash their latest creation, the painfully aptly titled Vanskapning ("monstrosity") via Duplicate Records in March 2020. Like a fierce creature, Vanskapning grabs you by the neck and drags you through a hellish sonic landscape in one 45-minute track. A world of broken structures, smokefilled horizons and nothing but death. As hopeless as it may sound, the production, execution and expertly arranged parts make for a captivating listen. Just leave your preconceptions about conventional song structure and happy endings at the door - in the realm of SJODOGG such things don't exist. Confront the abomination that is Vanskapning at your own risk.

As opposed to most contemporary recordings, Vanskapning benefits from analog recording and dynamic mastering, breathing life into the claustrophobic density of the grooves.

Ltd. to 300 copies, CD in reverse print / matte laquer 6-panel digisleeve.

Duplicate Records 2020

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