SEAX - Speed Inferno LP

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SEAX from Worcester, Massachusetts like it fast and they better because they are a frigging Speed Metal band! Formed on 2009, the band kicked down doors with their first full-length ‘High On Metal’ in 2012. ‘Speed Inferno’ is the bands fifth studio album to date and it is, to no surprise, manic and fast like a broken bottle on your head. Riffs fast as lightning, a bass that provides the thunder and fast and precise drums that wake the dead. The fun in this is the obvious cheese factor that is fully negated by the old-school 80s overkill, these guys know exactly that their music is batshit crazy and that is the reason why this is working. 

Limited to 500 Black Vinyl – comes with Lyric Inlay

Diabolic Might Records 2022

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