PROCLAMATION - Imperious Jaws Of Ire LP

PROCLAMATION - Imperious Jaws Of Ire LP

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Reissue of the legendary demo from Spain's heinous tyrants, released for the very first time. One of the most consistent and coherent forces emerged from the Black Death Metal underground during the current millenium, originally debuted with this essential opus. An imperative classic to complete and understand in its depth their AMEN tetralogy.
As worshipers of Demoncy, Blasphemy, Beherit. Rot, Dead Christ, OFC, Abhorer, Impiety, Libation, Satanic Evil, Satanic Darkness, Archgoat and Mystifier, Proclamation learnt their teachings and honored their influences creating an unique sound of bloodthirstiness and savagery: A ritualistic Black Death Hecatomb, a summon to the vociferous roar of the Avernus.

Black vinyl.

Down With The Most High 2022

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