PRAISE THE FLAME - Manifest Rebellion MC

PRAISE THE FLAME - Manifest Rebellion MC

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Originally released in 2015 on CD, Manifest Rebellion continued PRAISE THE FLAME's dominance of the underground scene after their critically acclaimed Profane Cult EP in 2013. A three-headed malefic ensemble from Chile, PRAISE THE FLAME suitably invoke an uncompromising brand of death metal that's primal, violent, sinister, and heinous, whipping forth a whirlwind of vengeance-drenched decibels with no shortage of power to spare. Ever aptly titled, Manifest Rebellion is the band's most potent distillation of their by-now-characterstic sound yet, yielding winding-into-the-abyss solo-shred atop equally abyssal riff-vortexes, blitzkrieg bouts of blastbeaten speed interspersed with thrashier gallops, and diabolical commands over all – but it’s simply bigger, crazier, and more dangerous than their prior work. Or, it's simply belligerent, bazooka-blown blackthrash poisoned by the ancient spirit of acts such as early Morbid Angel, Sadistic Intent, Massacra, Asphyx, Merciless, Possessed, early Malevolent Creation, Sodom, early Death, Headhunter DC, and Kreator. Either way, Manifest Rebellion is indeed the record through which PRAISE THE FLAME have manifested their fullest potential.
Capped off by skillful mastering by Javier Felez at Moontower Studios, Manifest Rebellion is yet another testament to Chile's ongoing supremacy in the nowadays death metal scene.

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Caverna Abismal 2017

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