HIC IACET - Perpetually Immersed In Mystical Delirium LP

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Early works compilation of the EPs hedonist Of The Death and Prophecy Of Doom with additional mastering, instruments and unreleased song: दुःख (Dukkha).

The mysterious Spanish entity of HIC IACET is rumored to include various movers 'n' shakers of the underground, and also equally rumored to be a solo-project of one supremely sick individual. Five members or none, HIC IACET's debut demo Hedonist of the Death floored anyone who heard it last year with its otherworldly miasma of morbidity and darkness; so hotly tipped was it that HELLS HEADBANGERS' exclusive 12" vinyl pressing of 333 copies sold out almost immediately. Now, HIC IACET emerges from the funeral fog to stake their claim as one of underground metal's brightest/darkest hopes with the two-song Prophecy of Doom 7" EP. Just like its namesake, Prophecy of Doom is a cavernous womb/tomb of pestilence, echoing sepulchral bellows from nameless depths. Meanwhile, morbid black/death barbarity rots the soul from the inside out as the carnal is ravaged in kind: behold HIC IACET's Prophecy of Doom!

Limited to 150 copies on Black Vinyl in reverse print sleeve with printed inner sleeve.

Triangulum Ignis 2022

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