OMEGA CENTAURI - Universum Infinitum CD

OMEGA CENTAURI - Universum Infinitum CD

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One of the bigger surprises of recent years comes courtesy of Omega Centauri - a two man project based in the UK and Belgium and featuring members of Sanctus Nex, Orpheus and Monads. Blending black metal, ambient, doom and a plethora of styles into one monumental whole, Universum Infinitumis an entity in its own right, standing far above and outside the mundanity of what is often referred to as "extreme metal". Omega Centauri have delivered a stunning effort of atmospheric avantgarde / post black metal.

Universum Infinitum comes in a beautiful glossy 6-panel digifile, featuring the original artwork of David Dowland, limited to 1000 copies.

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