O.B.E.Y. - Romance Of Misanthropy LP

O.B.E.Y. - Romance Of Misanthropy LP

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O.B.E.Y. is the Horned'n Heavy project involving Tangorodrim-members DarVeter and Incinerator and on their second effort, Romance Of Misanthropy (originally recorded in 2006, yet never before officially released, just spread as an extremely limited cdr to friends and contacts), they take the primitive Black Metal of their original band to new extremes. Filthy, abusive and soaked in tar, this is as far away as you can get from today's polished sympho-black bullshit. Pure audio hell, O.B.E.Y. drags you through a stinking mire of horned metal misanthropy.

Ltd. edition LP, 500 copies. Black vinyl in reverse print jacket and printed inner sleeve. 

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