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The debut album of Italian extreme metal artist Omega's (Blut Aus Nord, Fides Inversa, et al.) latest solo project Nubivagant. Revelatory solemnity via epic “monotonous” droning black metal drapery crafts a meditative consciousness. ‘Roaring Eye’ is both spiritual-intellectual lineage evoked and stylistic fervency resolved unto freely floating projection, persistent and unconcerned. Nakedly and forever in a dour trance. Sweeping, wandering, and mournful atmospheric black metal lead by a man encapsulated via existential rupture.

As musical expression the backing track is a form of black metal that is uncomplex and driven in ‘epic’ heavy metal tangents that are ever-streaming. The clean vocals from Omega are recognizable as a perhaps unintended resemblance of Quorthon‘s somewhat untrained but passionate work on ‘Hammerheart’ and some of the expressions found on ‘Nordland’. This feels like black metal far more than it does say, Candlemass, and has the flavor of antiquity and spirituality all the same. 
This mixture of unbroken stylistic consciousness the intensity of direct communication  speak as poetry rather than prose, allowing for dimensional meaning beyond linear narrative. It is death worship, apocalyptic summons and an unmistakable yearning for something beyond mere “presence” or ritual connection.

Black vinyl with insert

Amor Fati 2020

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