NAHASH - Daath 2LP

NAHASH - Daath 2LP

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"Although the band itself calls its style occult black metal, I would prefer to call it a Gnostic black metal band. This doesn’t mean they are not occult, I just would like to explain the deepness of NAHASH among many black metal bands that are shallow. NAHASH contains three good things: intellectual meditation with long songs of 8–9 minutes, deep philosophical Gnostic background and great powerful black metal music. All musicians are professionals playing together from 1993...Intellectual archetypical journey-meditation of “Daath” is the best release not only this year and not only among Lithuanian albums. I can’t really tell you which album could be better for me now. If there are 10 points in the evaluation system, I give NAHASH “Daath” 100. For great music, strong lyrics with great concept and wonderful design by Rosvaldas Sarapinas." (radikaliai!)

Double black vinyl in gatefold cover. Drakkar Prod. 2016

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