MORTICIAN - Hacked Up For Barbecue 2LP (SPLATTER)

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The cult classic release available on vinyl again after nearly 7 years! When you put grindcore, brutal death metal, horror movies, and distorted bass guitars into a blender, Mortician is the product, proving that indeed, it will blend. Mortician’s unique deathgrind musical stylings were perfected in their debut, the brutal batch of blood soaked bludgeonings and skull smashing sounds known as “Hacked Up For Barbecue”. Overflowing with growls from the guttural depths of the rotting corpses that adorn the cover art (as only Will Rahmer can provide), sickening samples from horror classics, relentless drum machine blasts, grinding, chugging, and slamming chromatic riffs, and of course a relentless rumble of bass solos, this is the peak of the formaldehyde dripping brutality that defines the music of Mortician. From start to finish Mortician spews utter aural obliteration, be it with the slow crushing slams or the rabid high-speed grinds, Mortician gets the job done.

White with Blood Red, Red and Oxblood Splatter vinyl double LP in gatefold cover.

Relapse 2023

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