MORBID SCREAM - Bloodstains: 941 Longhorn Drive – The Morbid Scream Demos 2xLP

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TEXAS THRASH MASSACRE!! After being in the works for years, here’s finally the MORBID SCREAM complete discography 1987-1990 for the first time on vinyl, collecting all their existing recordings…: – Demo I (1987) / Demo II (1988) / – Demo III (1990) / – Live in Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth 1987-1988. A ballistic assault of pioneering Texan Thrash, combining mid paced, hard moshing parts with neck-breaking accelerations, abrasive vocals and stomping riffs.

One of the many hidden gems from the boundless underground pit of obscure recordings and rare demos to be discovered and appreciated. Even if for a long time they didn’t get the deserved recognition, MORBID SCREAM left an important mark in the 80’s American Thrash scene, so much that they have been tributed by the mighty ABSU, that covered “The Coming of War” and “Morbid Scream” on “The Sun of Tiphareth” and “The Third Storm of Cythraul” albums respectively. Sourced and mastered from the band’s 1st generation tapes. Includes a massive 48 PAGE BOOKLET with liner notes, interviews, loads of band photos, flyers, original art and more!!

Ltd. 200 double black vinyl LP incl. 48 page book.

F.O.A.D. Records 2022

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