MION'S HILL - Torture LP

MION'S HILL - Torture LP

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Heavily influenced by the first wave of Black/ Death Metal bands such as HELLHAMMER, BATHORY, MANTAS/ DEATH and VENOM, Mion's Hill released their debut demo-tape in 2012 entitled “Festering Curses”. Being part of the growing scene in Kolbotn (a small town in Norway that must have something strange in the water since so many great Metal-bands have risen from that town the past years), this young trio will surely be someone to look out for in the future! The members live and breathe Metal and are also involved in other extremely interesting new bands like GOUGE, CONDOR and MABUSE. "Torture", the follow-up to their full-length debut "Black Death" consists of 4 new tracks on the A side and a remastered version of their demo on the B side.

Black vinyl with insert, poster and sticker.

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