MIDRYASI - Corridors LP

MIDRYASI - Corridors LP

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Hailing from the Lombard provinces in Northern Italy, Midryasi is a sonic trio playing highly acid heavy-psych with doom metal and space (even kraut!) rock influences. The group was formed in 2002 and made their debut in 2005 with a very interesting self-titled album. Their sophomore effort, Corridors indeed marks a notable quantum leap forward, in that it encapsulates and conveys all of the band’s lysergic and spaced-out attitude in a very well-developed, focused, and distinctive waywith its galloping and ever-changing rhythms, blending heavy, psychedelic, and space rock soundscapes that are both dark and melodically evocative. The most obvious references here are Hawkwind and old Monster Magnet, yet Midryasi shows they’re perfectly capable of doing their thing. This is ritualistic music for free minds and most likely to cause the listener mydriasis, that is, the excessive dilation of the pupil, a pathology which serves as inspiration for the band’s moniker. It can be due to disease, trauma, or the use of drugs. Or rather, to a massive dose of the music played by this amazing power trio, which firmly puts Italy’s name on the international heavy-psych map. Hats off!

Limited edition of 300 copies only with insert.

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