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If MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY’s previous work, 2011’s “Funerals From The Astral Sphere” has become a cult release and today is cherished as one of the finest examples of atmospheric black metal, ‘Shards Of Silver Fade’ is certainly going to break new grounds and to impose the Australian act on a wider audience, independently from metal sub-genres and styles.

The funeral doom grandeur of Tempestuous Fall and the dark-wave vibe of The Crevices Below – sole member Dis Pater’s past projects – have been successfully injected into Midnight Odyssey’s cosmic black metal body, redoubling the emotional intensity and dark majesty of its melodies.
The result is nothing short of an epic masterpiece, a visionary night voyage of approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes connecting our ancient pagan past with the apocalyptic feelings of a cosmic death.

But as much as death chants, these are also songs of rebirth, hymns to a new life and awareness for Humanity, under brighter stellar lights. “It is exactly like finding a place in the universe, being given a spiritual connection with everything around you, making you feel alive and very much part of the existence around you,” Dis Pater explains. “But making you feel somewhat important too, and not just another speck of dust.”

The Australian musician thinks of ‘Shards Of Silver Fade’ as the crowning achievement of MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY’s brilliant career. “I can say that each song has taken an immense amount of time and energy, so much that I have been left with little to no desire to even listen to music over the last 12 months or so. It combines elements of all my previous releases, from all my previous projects, a true convergence of styles and musicality. If this was the last Midnight Odyssey release, I would be very proud for it to be so.”

Limited edition deluxe box set featuring 4x 12″LP in black color, each one housed in its own sleeve, and a 4-page booklet with lyrics.

I, Voidhanger 2023

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