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"Unbound" is the third, crushing album by the Swedish death/thrash metal pioneers Merciless. It was originally released in 1994. One of the first underground death thrash outfits to rise from Sweden, Merciless are also the first band to sign on the underground record label Deathlike Silence owned by Euronymous of Mayhem fame with their first full length The Awakening (Anti-Mosh 01). This is the bands third album and the music is aggressive, harsh, sometimes melodic, and has the grit of late 80’s Thrash (Pestilence, Hobbs AOD, Slayer, Destruction) with a Death Metal feeling. Ripping guitar riffs, morbid growls/screams, this is a total classic album. Inspired by old school speed-thrash and injected with the arrival of death metal. 

Black Vinyl LP

Black Lodge 2018

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