MASTER'S HAMMER – Live in Zbraslav LP w/booklet

MASTER'S HAMMER – Live in Zbraslav LP w/booklet

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One of the leading and highly regarded black metal bands ever, that amongst BATHORY and SAMAEL could be named the founders of that genre’s modern sound, has sealed a pact with Darkness Shall Rise Productions to endow their fans with a gift, that they’ve been craving for too long by now.

When Quorthon took new paths after Blood Fire Death, MASTER‘S HAMMER immediately jumped in, to swing the very same and carried on where Quorthon eventually stopped, mixed it with their very own black magic and influenced countless of wild and restless youths for generations until today.

All 5 official demos of the band from 1987-1992 and the live-show from 1989 have been carefully restored and remastered with the utmost dedication by Patrick W. Engel at the Temple of Disharmony studio for the best possible sound of these relics of the past.

After decades, the time of waiting is finally over and you now have the chance to follow the footsteps of an unique band, which like no other represents the beginning of the second wave of black metal.
And this will be just the beginning…

Side A:
1. Vzývání úterní
2. Cerná svatozár
3. The Mass
4. Signum Diabolis
5. Jáma pekel

Side B:
1. Lucifer
2. Šánečto
3. Za smlouvou pekelnou
4. Zapálili jsme onen svět

Ltd. 400 x black 180g vinyl, 8-page 12“ booklet, A2 poster, download-code.

Darkness Shall Rise 2023

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