MARTWA AURA - Morbus Animus CD

MARTWA AURA - Morbus Animus CD

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Dark Horizon Records in conspiracy with Putrid Cult, along with Under the Sign of Garazel Productions are proud to offer the US CD version of "Morbus Animus" by Poland's MARTWA AURA. A dark, fierce, and melodic album that is well written, with dynamic riffs, haunting leads, and powerful vocals. MARTWA AURA deliver an atmosphere of Darkness and Doom while incorporation a melodic base to their songs. This being ultimately mixed with their ominous guitar harmonies creating a brilliant work of layering mood, atmosphere and black metal harshness. "Morbus Animus" is a complex dark entity with a dark message, esoteric funerary atmosphere, and alternating moods. MARTWA AURA have conjured an album of well-produced, excellently written, and of course true black metal intended for those looking deeper underground for honest and serious music.

For those who worship at the altar of... MGLA, Drudkh, Plaga, Deathspell Omega, Kriegsmachine, Batuskha, Ofermod, Hyl...

Jewelcase CD, limited to 300 copies. Comes with a album cover art sticker and hand-numbered card
Dark Horizon 2021

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