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Formed in Bratislava, Slovakia anno 2014, Malokarpatan builds upon local traditions equally in the musical and thematical field. Continuing where legendary ex-Iron Curtain bands like Master's Hammer, Tormentor, or Kat have left off and taking influence from macabre cultural history of the Carpathian region, the group has developed its own recognizable sound in a span of three albums released within five years. Live shows across Europe and North America have solidified their underground fanbase, and after a period of line-up changes, they are back, this time in a purely studio form with an ambitious conceptual work titled Vertumnus Caesar. Staying true to their fascination with local heritage, this album expands into the band's Central European identity. Mapping the mysterious life of Emperor Rudolf II, infamous for his involvement in the esoteric arts, the album is an adventurous ride through the days of late renaissance hermeticism, an occult rock opera dimming the lines between first-wave black metal, classic heavy metal, and progressive rock. Artwork and layout by Astrid Bergdahl.

Pro-duplicated cassettes on dark blue shells with silver print

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