KOSTNATENI- Hrůza zvítězí LP

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Hrůza zvítězí, the debut album of obscure USBM band Kostnatění is an offering of maddening, darkly psychedelic, yet irreversibly catchy black metal. In total disregard of the boundaries of metal, it creates something that strikes at the heart of the sublime.

"HRŮZA ZVÍTĚZÍ ("horror will prevail") has been created as a monument to death. Not a fantastical death with promises something beyond this world, but the cessation of being which looms at the end of all lives. As I wrote the songs which became HRŮZA ZVÍTĚZÍ, I was obsessed by my own death, constantly fighting off panic attacks relating to dying, and living in a constant suffocating dread. Every section was written with the explicit goal of conveying this dread, while also pushing my own limits as an artist. Retrospectively, I believe this album to have been meditative and liberating for me: much of the anxiety that once plagued me is now enshrined here, forever."

Limited to 300 copies on red vinyl.

Amor Fati Productions / Entropic Recordings 2019

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