KANONENFIEBER - Die Urkatastrophe Deluxe 2LP (SPLATTER) ARTBOOK (Preorder)

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KANONENFIEBER, speaking about the back story of their new album, “Die Urkatastrophe”: “The First World War accelerated the path to modernity and is considered the “Die Urkatastrophe” (= “primal catastrophe”) of the 20th century, which was characterized by wars, violence and displacement. Around 17 million people, soldiers and civilians lost their lives, large parts of Europe were destroyed and unresolved problems were left behind, which led to further violent conflicts. This album is dedicated to the victims of the First World War, so they are not forgotten. May their fates be a warning for all following generations even after more than 100 years,” says Noise who records all instruments in the studio and who is also responsible for the concept of KANONENFIEBER. As with its predecessor, KANONENFIEBER’s second album “Die Urkatastrophe” is based on factual reports, letters and original documents from the surviving and deceased soldiers from the First World War. Its intent is not to glorify, because there is no glory in war. Everyone loses – their lives, their souls, their humanity. War is often depicted in an abstract way, through numbers and statistics. KANONENFIEBER aim to tell the stories of the nameless and the faceless in order to allow for a small glimpse of their personal horrors, and thereby the larger scale horror for mankind as a whole. KANONENFIEBER’s black and death metal isn’t meant to solely entertain, but also educate and raise awareness against the glorification of war. “Die Urkatastrophe” was recorded with Kristian Kohle (Powerwolf, Aborted, Benighted and many more) at Kohlekeller Studio, and features guitarist Maik Weichert of HEAVEN SHALL BURN on the song “Waffenbrüder”.

Ltd. Deluxe transp. sand-dark red colored splattered 2LP Artbook

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