J.T. RIPPER - Depraved Echoes And Terrifying Horrors LP

J.T. RIPPER - Depraved Echoes And Terrifying Horrors LP

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It happened in London in the year 1888. Jack the Ripper murdered a handful of prostitutes in a horrible manner. Six generations later, he reappears in another form; less criminal, less mysterious, more likeable and simply exciting. Only his musical approach is as old school as hell. Fortunately, he does not take us back to 1888, but he invites us to a journey through time and so we find ourselves in the mid-eighties of the last century. JT Ripper play thrash metal in its pure form. As an almost logical consequence, the songs are energizing, vivid and fresh. One can say that they are the exact opposite of Paul Di'Anno's face. So now you can hopefully imagine the extremely high degree of liveliness that the songs possess. Do not expect variety! This would be a beginner's mistake! The band is aware of the fact that you cannot please everybody and therefore the dudes do not even try it. Instead, nine powerful old-fashioned thrash metal rockets are shot into space and time. In terms of style, Cruel Force or Witchburner can be mentioned as a benchmark. Yet the songs could be leftovers from German bands such as Deathrow or Violent Force as well - but nobody has ever found leftovers of such quality.

Ltd. black vinyl with insert. 

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