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Vanitas sees In Twilight's Embrace evolve into their own entity; taking a deathly and personal direction. Vanitas is the band's darkest material to date, both lyrically and musically. “Having confronted several deaths of family members and friends, made me realise the true weight of mortality,” confesses vocalist, Cyprian Łakomy. “The realisation paved the way for reflections which would later become the backbone of the lyrics and atmosphere on Vanitas”. This is not just another gimmick to create a death worshipping album. There's far more to it. Cyprian adds: “death is an opportunity to ask questions about the here and now, and what kind of legacy - if any at all - we are possibly leaving”.

Established in 2003 in Poznań, Poland, In Twilight's Embrace took the metal media by storm when they released their third album, The Grim Muse. Featuring the world-famous Tomas Lindberg of At the Gates as a guest vocalist, the album showcased focused songwriting, relentless riffs, a disciplined rhythm section and vitriolic vocals. The Grim Muse was followed by the release of a three-track EP entitled Trembling, which notably saw the band explore their punk roots with a cover of “Opowieść Zimowa” - a song by legendary Polish act Armia. 

  • Gatefold jacket with inside-out print and flooded black inside
  • UV highlights
  • Dark green vinyl

Terratur Possessions 2023

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