IMMOLATION - Close To A World Below LP

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While Immolation's "Close to a World Below" is a deservedly legendary and highly influential DM album, it still maintains a distinct flavor rare to such significant releases. While the album has surely influenced countless tech-death bands in their use of dissonance and ragged structure, few have had the courage to take the ideas to their absolute limit in the way Immolation have here. Most metal, and surely virtually all tech-death, has remained totally centered on the riff, while Immolation takes a purer, more holistic approach. With "Close to a World Below," Immolation have taken the basic elements of death metal, deconstructed them and rebuilt the genre in a subtly yet fundamentally different way, creating a noisy, ferocious masterpiece. This is unmistakably death metal, yes, but it has a unique tone that has rarely been replicated.

Ltd. 180g black vinyl w/poster.

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