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Duplicate Records proudly presents Nimmermeer, the debut album from Norwegian atmospheric doom outfit HJEMLENGSEL.

The story of Hjemlengsel (Norwegian for homesickness) dates back to
2004/2005, and it all started with a wish to create music without
genre defining boundaries. In 2009 the band recorded a self-titled EP,
which was released digitally in 2010. After a period in hibernation,
the first full length album was completed during the summer of 2021,
and is finally ready to be released winter 2024.

The music on Nimmermeer (Dutch for nevermore) is best described as
atmospheric, sometimes progressive, melodic (not quite) doom,
dominated by long instrumental passages with sparse, clean vocals
throughout. There's a cold, arctic atmosphere permeating the material,
with the crystal clear production perfectly suiting the carefully
orchestrated compositions. Yet, amid the cold landscapes, there's a
comforting warmth, providing the beautiful duality of the natural
elements so perfectly ingrained in HJEMLENGSEL's sound.

The lyrics, sung in Norwegian, Dutch and German, deal with universal themes of solitude, loss and longing.

With its near hour-long playing time, Nimmermeer is a monolith of an
album, yet it's easy to get into if you let it seep in. If you have a
penchant for atmospheric, heavy music that rewards the patient
listener, you will not be disappointed.

DigiCD, limited to 100 copies.

Duplicate Records 2024

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