GRUZJA - Jeszcze Nie Mamy Na Was Pomysłu CD

GRUZJA - Jeszcze Nie Mamy Na Was Pomysłu CD

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"Jeszcze Nie Mamy Na Was Pomysłu is the name of the second album by the Polish black metal band Gruzja, whose line-up includes members of Furia, Mentor, and Biesy (among other groups) [...]
Gruzja are, shall we say, irreverent. Their motivations and lyrical themes seem to focus mainly on sex, and secondarily on drinking heavily, though I gave up my investigation of their lyrics after it became apparent that Google Translate was delivering mainly gibberish, and perhaps some Polish cultural references that were beyond me.
As for the music, it’s very good, and much more grim and cutting than you might expect from what you’ve just read, though there’s plenty of carnal swagger in the slashing riffs and rocking beats as well. Speaking of beats, the drum rhythms do occasionally erupt in double-bass or blast-beat flurries, but that’s not their mainstay. Accompanied by a pulsating bass lines, they’re more devoted to getting your head moving, while the remaining instrumentalists are delivering a wide range of searing chord cascades, body-wracking riffs, and keyboard layers (at least I think they'[re keyboards) that lend the music an air of grandeur or spooky futurism. There are also some songs that made me imagine black metal polka.
The vocals are fantastic and are themselves wide-ranging, from vicious throat-cutting snarls to crazed screams, ugly growls, pungent grunts, and even a fair amount of singing which has its own allure. At times I found myself thinking of Rammstein‘s Till Lindemann. And, as you’ll discover, like Rammstein, Gruzja are damned adept at cooking up melodic hooks that stick these songs in your head.
No two songs on the album are exactly in the same vein, and you may find yourself digging some of them and disliking others, depending on your tastes. Some of this isn’t black metal at all (the rocking “Kamera Dionizosa”, which includes some intensely seductive guitar work, is a prime example). Some of it dances, with a post-punk vibe. And some of it is downright vicious and depraved, or moodily grandiose. But these unpredictable variations are a big reason I’ve become such a big fan of the album." (Nocleansinging)

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