GRAVEYARD - Hold Back The Dawn LP

GRAVEYARD - Hold Back The Dawn LP

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Hold Back The Dawn from the Spanish death metal heretics of Graveyard takes you down a bottomless pit full of unspeakable abominations that will drain you of your life. A very interesting and enjoyable listen indeed; fans of old school death metal with Swedish and very obscure vibes be ready to rejoice.

A declaration of principals from Graveyard, a semper fidelis statement to death metal and its darkest approach. Themes vary from damnation, death to summoning eternal darkness upon mankind; they hit the nail of what old school death metal should be. The songwriting structure leads you to a mood where light is impenetrable and the production creates a cavernous and somber atmosphere.

Do not expect ultra-fast brutality here, Graveyard keeps it slow dark and ominous. The doomy approach is not a gimmick to sound evil - it is the sound the band has developed through their career.

Iif you are new to the genre and you´re looking for complex technique, fast songs or innovative/modern death metal, you should look elsewhere. Graveyard offer a more nostalgic approach in honour of those bands that once dominated the catacombs of the underground but now only live by their names.

Ltd. 500 copies on black vinyl w/ insert.

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