FUNERAL - Gospel Of Bones 2LP (Preorder)

FUNERAL - Gospel Of Bones 2LP (Preorder)

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FUNERAL, hailing from the icy landscapes of Norway, stands solemn as stalwart guardians of the funeral doom metal genre. With roots intertwining the sorrow of a wake and the heaviness of bowed boughs bearing winter's weight, their music is a vessel of mourning and memory.
In the heartrending depths of ‘Gospel of Bones’, we bear witness to a journey of grief, a map drawn in melancholic melodies and the relentless dirge of funeral drums. Each song is a requiem, a story etched into the annals of the night, with Anders Eek’s dismal symphonies leading the procession through tracks like the desolate beauty of “My Own Grave” and the harrowing “Procession of Misery”. From the cold, lingering notes of “Too Young to Die”, to the sorrowful elegy “Yestertear”, this album is FUNERAL's sovereign claim to the throne of despair.
Produced by the venerable hands of Børge Finstad and enriched by the ethereal harmonies of Ingvild "Sareeta" Johannesen, ‘Gospel of Bones’ is a cathartic journey to be felt, a path through the shadows.

Artwork & layout by Tristan Diaz.

Black 12" double vinyl (33rpm) in deluxe gatefold printed on unfinished, heavy card stock with Pantone gold print. First pressing 300 copies worldwide!

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