FROZEN GRAVES - An Age Of Emptiness LP

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Surprisingly and out of the blue, a terrific new album of Finnish onirism emerges from these three excellent minds in the nowadays scene. 5 years after their self-titled debut, this trio comprised by Vandra (Asymmetry), Luxixul Sumering Auter (Cosmic Church, Aura Saturnal, Asymmetry) and the French, Khaosgott (Cénotaphe, ex-Nécropole) return with another beautiful record of blazing, introspective Black Metal bliss. Following the lines of their debut, although with a slightly cleaner approach, "An Age of Emptiness" is close to 40-minute journey of dreadful bliss and occultist meditation. Formed around Vandra's beautiful melodic sensibilities, carving extraordinary riffs of ethereal beauty but undeniable punch and fury, much alike the works that spring from the Elemental Cavern, these spiritual string reverberations are beautifully met by the pulsating, quite Post-Punkish bass work and the ritualistic pummel of the drums. On top of this beautiful instrumentation, Khaosgott's vocals sit brilliantly, adding a touch of ominous trepidation and uncontainable wrath.

Black vinyl LP with insert.

Kuunpalvelus / Amor Fati Productions 2022

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