EPOCH OF UNLIGHT - At War With The Multiverse CD

EPOCH OF UNLIGHT - At War With The Multiverse CD

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Dark Horizon Records are proud to announce the new release from the Memphis (TN) - Melodic/Blackened Death Metal vets EPOCH OF UNLIGHT. Their first album in 17 years and the band's fourth full-length album entitled "At War With The Multiverse".

42 minutes of technical melodic death metal, full of hooks and relentlessly catchy, while still retaining some of the straight-ahead American Black Metal that started their career and garnered so much attention back in the 90’s. Lyrically, it follows the same sort of science fiction/fantasy themes as previous efforts. Sonically, it’s the best-sounding EPOCH OF UNLIGHT album yet!

EPOCH OF UNLIGHT last released an album in 2005, "The Continuum Hypothesis", on The End Records. With that album, their 3rd full length, they fulfilled their contract and decided to step away from being a recording and touring band, partially due to exhaustion and partially due to wanting to pursue other avenues in life. Though the momentum they had generated from tireless touring in support of their albums slowed, they would continue to write and perform, but several member changes would cause perennial resets in plans to record with a stable lineup.

In 2022 with a solid line up they Recorded "At War With The Multiverse" at ABR studios with longtime friend and former guitarist Alan Burcham. Mastered at Fascination Street Studios by Tony Lindgren, who has worked with some of the biggest names in death and thrash metal... including Enslaved, Gaahls Wyrd, Kreator, Amon Amarth, Moonspell, Candlemass, Fleshgod Apocalypse, At The Gates, Borknagar...
For those who worship at the altar of... The Crown, Dimension Zero, Swordmaster, Defleshed, Dissection, Cardinal Sin, older Dark Tranquility and Necroticism to Heartwork-era Carcass...

CD is limited to 500 copies. All copies are hand-numbered and come with a 4" x 4" full-color album artwork sticker.
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