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Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden’s Encryptment formed in 2015 with the intention of writing music in absence of borders between death metal, black metal, and extreme styles of punk, all with lyrics written in their native tongue. This intention has remained intact, yet the call from the grave has only grown stronger…Encryptment‘s debut EP, Suktar efter luft, was recorded and released in burning creative urgency at the beginning of June 2015, only a few months after the band’s formation. Some lineup changes followed, and the band’s next release didn’t happen until 2019, when the Mangel från söderort demo was released.From there on, the mania, poison, darkness, and ferocity of the imminent Dödens födsel has been brewing steadily until it was realized in Necromorbus Studio together with the esteemed Tore Stjerna. Indeed maniacal and poisonous, utterly and equally dark and ferocious, Encryptment‘s first full-length statement is a fiercely focused juggernaut of dread frequencies. That they take so many shapes – some blackened, most deathened, all delivered with the hackle-raising urgency of the best hardcore-punk – matters not when trying to “define” Dödens födsel: the art, the ART OF DARKNESS, above all commands possession of both players and listener. With eight songs flying fast and free across a breathless 33 minutes, Encryptment‘s debut album offers deliverance to those who walk along those shadowed borders; the band’s vision and intent remain recognizable, but their attack here has been sharpened to a startling degree. Of course, Stjerna’s swarming production only makes those depths of darkness seem more infinite…Stand at the brink and peer into the abyss. There, you will find one of the most devastating debuts of recent memory: Encryptment‘s Dödens födsel.

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