EGGS OF GOMORRH - Wombspreader MC

EGGS OF GOMORRH - Wombspreader MC

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Fresh from a three-year hiatus, Geneva, Switzerland-based peddlers of filthy and fearsome extremity EGGS OF GOMORRH have finished incubating their latest crusade against all things happy and hopeful.

By the time the last notes of Wombspreader have whistled past your ears, you may well have realised that the caustic racket made by EGGS OF GOMORRH almost defies explanation; in much the same way that the very best extreme music often takes cues from all across the heavy spectrum, boils them all down and renders them into something that exceeds the sum of its parts. Think of the first DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT album, how it is some kind of blackened, deathlike sludge monster flecked with grind riffs and murky, terrifying atmosphere, yet which somehow doesn’t fit into any category. - Distorted Sound

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