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A decade after the demos from 2008 and 2009, France's DREAMS OF THE DROWNED proudly presents its first album, set to be digitally released by Drowned Anthems Records for the spring equinox. on vinyl sometime this year by Duplicate Records (VIRUS, ORGAN;, BEYOND DAWN..) and on CD for June 15th by Cult of Nine Records. Melancholic, dense & psychedelic black / grey metal meets anarcho post punk, inspired by bands such as VED BUENS ENDE, KILLING JOKE, EMPEROR, BLIND IDIOT GOD, or AMEBIX.
Painfully and patiently crafted solely by multi-instrumentalist Camille from SMOHALLA and STAGNANT WATERS throughout years of wandering [with the exception of a DODHEIMSGARD's "Midnattskogens Sorte Kjerne" cover sung by its original inceptor, the one and only Aldrahn from URARV, THORNS, etc], and produced by HVN Recordings (URARV, WHIP, NUISIBLE..), this album is a necromantic attempt to keep the fire of some long-time missing aesthetics burning - and therefore honour them.
A collection of songs inhabited by european witchcraft, atypical mental states, the feeling of loss, the forest, the will to reclaim long-gone connexions and power from within, and the urge to properly name and subsequently confront power-overs.

Silver vinyl LP in reverse print sleeve with black polylined inner sleeve and insert. Ltd. to 100 copies.

Duplicate Records 2020

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