DRAKONHAIL - Nuit En Édifice 2LP

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Drakonhail's art only exists to set to music the disquieting strangeness of the night, the funeral march of the ghosts and shadows that prowl through the forest, the rise of the mist over the haunted countryside, the glow of the full moon that barely pierces through the thick mist. Drakonhail evokes an out-of-this-world world, without humanity, a lifeless world, a dead land floating in nothingness. One truth: only nothingness exists. 

Here is a few words by Dunkel about this release: "The night had risen under the form of a musical edifice with, as a pillar, the opaque sound of Drakonhail. The night has concealed a passage in the depths of its darkness. Discovering and venturing in it is, above all, wandering on the initiatory path drawn by “Nuit en édifice”. This invisible edifice, this impalpable passage surrounds the body and oppresses the mind like the footstep of the infinite void. Death. No other word. “Nuit en édifice”, any lyrics was necessary : just screams in the nothingness."

Double black vinyl with A4 insert. Completely revised layout.

Medieval Prophecy Records 2023

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