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Debut release from this new Nowegian act featuring members of Desolation Realm, Sovereign and Obliteration. DØDSKVAD draw their inspiration from old Death, Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Infester and Ressurection, as well as old heavy metal and synth music. What results on Krønike I is strangely familiar yet foreign simultaneously, its simplicity of design understated yet bountifully provocative. Like so much weird 'n' twisted metal of the past, Dødskvad reveal their secrets slowly and subtly; their eerily bubbling cauldron seems to simmer endlessly, never overflowing but likewise never short on strange spices and other far-darker ingredients. And with the lyrics following a common concept based on equal parts fantasy, Norwegian history, and mythology, Krønike I's otherworldly aspect deepens ever more... Recommended if you like Cultes Des Ghoules, Faustcoven, Ride For Revenge, Sacriphyx, Oksennus or Cauldron Black Ram.

Ltd. to 200 copies on pro-printed tape, Caligari Records 2020.

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