DELIRIUM TREMENS - Thrashing Warthogs LP

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In 2004 DELIRIUM TREMENS from Bamberg presented with ''Thrashing Warthogs'' their 2nd full lenght album. Thrash Metal is played here in the true sense of the word. Threshing until everything and everyone has gone broken. But with an unmistakable class. DELIRIUM TREMENS fire 10 finest high-speed grenades here, which are as devastating as to confess to your girlfriend that you has been hanging out in Elke's pub whole evening. The 5 guys have mighty clean riffs at the start, which simply cause you to go crazy and marathon headbanging. At the end there is a GUNS´N´ROSES cover version ''Paradise City'' on top. Snotty, dirty, drunk and still gambled in a controlled manner, this song will provide a humid and cheerful atmosphere at the next booze party. Those who like the lightning-fast SADUS, as much as the German masters KREATOR or the thrash gods SLAYER are spot on at ''Thrashing Warthogs''. All old school Thrashers have to listen it and whoever can accept all the overexcited clichés the band offered, should have a lot of fun with this release.

Black vinyl edition. Comes with a lovingly designed patchwork photo inlay, giant poster, packed in a gatefold cover.

Merciless 2014

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