DEATHHAMMER - Forever Ripping Fast CD

DEATHHAMMER - Forever Ripping Fast CD

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Lately the world is no longer deprived of old school thrash metal with bands like Norway's AURA NOIR and DEATHHAMMER along with a few others who are keeping the ancient fire burning! DEATHHMAMER is made up of just 2 dedicated Norwegian thrash fans and this is their first full length album called "Forever Ripping Fast". Originally release by Germany's Witches Brew. "Forever Ripping Fast" is comprised of 6 new tracks along with tracks from the bands previous 2 demos, "The Wrath Of The Antichrist" and "Savage Poser Hunt". DEATHHAMMER deliver total destruction and mayhem of the highest order and which we can so easily relate to the 80’s thrash movement. Playing death thrash with the music often lingering just on the outskirts of black metal making this release a headbangers' golden idol of worship!

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