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It was two years ago that the whole death metal world was struck by the sheer excellence of “Promulgation Of The Fall” making the six-year wait from “Graves Of The Archangels” worth. Probably the band didn’t want to repeat the same gap of silence until the next album, so they are offering us two new songs under the title of “Sombre Doom” EP, which might be closing the circle of the full length or might be opening the circle of the new one.
Majestic and pompous, filthy and rotten, cavernous and primitive. The overall atmosphere is suffocating and leaves no hope to be thought of especially towards the end where the tension is rising and the outwordly vocals are bringing you closer to the end, whatever that is.
“Sombre Doom” is Dead Congregation at its best in a short burst. It is exemplary of the band’s two headed nature, the one that looks down to the depths of death metal and the other that dwells in the doom swamp, both in their own grace and with the same attitude. Their combination though, is so grandiose and effective and filled with small effects and well cared details in vocals and instruments, that there is no point in describing any further. Absolutely magnificent. (Metal Invader)


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