DARKTHRONE - Circle The Wagons LP

DARKTHRONE - Circle The Wagons LP

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Darkthrone’s sonic attack of metal & punk; a fist in the face of the overground.
Darkthrone are a legendary name in metal, inspiring countless bands throughout the years as one of the leaders of the Scandinavian black metal movement in the early 90’s, alongside other greats such as Burzum, Immortal and Mayhem.
From their thrash and death beginnings to their ascension to the pantheon of black metal greats, Darkthrone have always refused to stand still or follow conventions. These traits were clearly evident as they explore their roots and capture the real spirit of sonic greatness on the 2010 feast of metal, CIRCLE THE WAGONS; recorded by the band at Necrohell II studios.
Darkthrone sail against the tides of trend and disposable metal, uncompromising and defiant as ever!

Artwork for the album comes courtesy of Dennis Dread, notable for his talents on previous Darkthrone albums, F.O.A.D and 2008's Dark Thrones and Black Flags.

180 g. vinyl, reverse printed sleeve. Lyrics and credits printed on the inner sleeve.

PEaceville 2013

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