CULTUM INTERITUM - Veneration of The New Dawn LP

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"A harrowing experience is almost all but the key to make for an essential work in the world of death metal, but there will always be certain bands that seek to really go above and beyond by many different routes whether it be by double down on raw brutality or mixing the style with its extreme brother of black metal. Cultum Interitum is no stranger to such an approach with last year’s effort, “Poison of Being”, really showing us just how immense this act can be in its sonic blasphemy. Normally, I would figure it to be a little while before we hear again from this Polish act, but, clearly, madness does not stay still for long.

While still very much the same entity that produced that bloody and blasphemous work that assaulted our ears a year ago, there’s something about this new excursion that feels different as though when creating the chapters of “Veneration of the New Dawn” Cultum Interitum tapped into a darkness the likes of which is all but immensely profound by all accounts. The influence of its black metal counterpart is still very much present throughout their performance such that “Veneration of the New Dawn” stands clearly apart from its predecessor with the death metal aspect of the band’s performance coming through more than ever with that choice resulting in a creation that is not only more vicious, but it’s substantially darker with even the calmest moments of the record feeling downright foreboding on multiple levels. It makes this work feel like an entirely different beast than what we’ve heard from Cultum Interitum before, yet their distinct brand of violence and particular identity of ferocity can still be found in every ounce of all that’s brought forth in the performance. There’s very little room to escape the dark visage that “Veneration of the New Dawn” casts on the listener at all times, and to even step forth into its presence is to be crushed by all that Cultum Interitum can produce, and it will be the weak that will be immediately decimated by the band’s might while the seasoned and battle-scarred will find themselves new depths to sink themselves into with all but unending torment found within.

Works like this are what still continues to define what it means to take brutality to new levels and intensity to untapped depths, and I can only consider myself lucky that bands like Cultum Interitum are able to come around that continue down both of those paths with staggering results. The very nature of “Veneration of the New Dawn” is to consume all light and shower the world in unending darkness, and should anyone dive into these crypts then they will find just that with their grave somewhere within waiting for them."
- Headbanger Reviews 

12''LP, 180g swirl vinyl, two-sided insert.

Godz Of War 2021

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