CELTIC FROST - Danse Macabre BOX SET (Preorder)

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'Danse Macabre’ is a career-spanning box set from Celtic Frost, one of Switzerland's most innovative and experimental metal bands. It covers their output from 1984’s ‘Morbid Tales’ to 1987’s ‘Into The Pandemonium’, charting an unpredictable course that saw them take in radical stylistic changes from avant-garde extreme metal to thrash metal and doom metal. Includes 'Morbid Tales', 'To Mega Therion', 'Into The Pandemonium', 'Emperor’s Return EP', 'Tragic Serenades EP', 'I Won’t Dance EP', 'The Collectors Celtic Frost', their 'Visual Aggression' 7” single, plus a cassette of their 'Grave Hill Bunker' rehearsals.

This box contains:

  • Morbid Tales
  • To Mega Therion
  • Into The Pandemonium
    Emperor's Return
  • Tragic Serenades
  • I Won't Dance
  • The Collector's Celtic Frost

  • Visual Agression
    7" Vinyl.
  • Heptagram USB
    Including all songs from 1984 to 1987.
  • Grave Hill Bunker Rehearsals
    4 Track cassette.
  • A Morbid Tale (40 page book)
  • Necromaniac Union Fan Club Badge
  • Danse Macabre Woven Patch
  • Double Sided Poster

Noise / BMG 2022

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