CAVALERA - Schizophrenia LP (CURACAO)

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The CAVALERA brothers are at it again; after receiving worldwide acclaim for last year's re-recordings of the SEPULTURA classics Bestial Devastation and Morbid Visions, it is time to re-visit the second full-length and fan-favourite Schizophrenia! 

On their sophomore album, SEPULTURA came into their own with new guitarist Andreas Kisser lending a more sophisticated element to the songwriting. The recording was still raw and unpolished, but the band had tightened up considerably after the raw & loose debut Morbid Visions.

One can debate the need for re-recording Schizophrenia, as in many people's opinion the album is perfect as it is. Still, this re-recorded version will no doubt make new fans discover this classic and hopefully even check out the original version.

Rest in pain!

Limited edition transparent curacao vinyl LP including bonus track.

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